• Jun 19, 2015
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5 Steps to Make Your Stairway Beautiful

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Your stairway is probably one of the most under decorated, yet most used areas in your home, so why settle for anything less than beautiful?  Between those bare landings, risers, flooring, wall space, and railings, your stairway is practically begging to be decorated.  Follow these simple steps to take your stairs from bland to beautiful.

1. Decorate your stair risers.

beautiful stairs

Photo Credit clockwise from left: ThisOldHouse.com, GoodHousekeeping.com, DecoratingFiles.com, and Etsy.com

Painting your stair risers is a small project with a big impact.  Be bold with inspirational quotes, continuous paintings, and eye-catching patterns – or be more subtle with solid shades that match your home.  You may even want to try this look with wallpaper.

2. Get a runner.

beautiful stairs

If decorating risers isn’t your thing, get a runner for your stairs.  Depending on the type and pattern of carpet you choose, a runner could create a much more traditional look for your home.  It softens not only your climb up the stairs, but also the look and feel of your stairway.

3. Make your stairs functional.

beautiful stairs

Photo Credit from left: TheKitchn.com, Shelterness.com, and HomeTalk.com

If you have the space, make your stairway functional and beautiful by incorporating these brilliant storage tricks.   Simple drawers create a very clean, traditional, and organized look, while a pantry and coat closet create a unique and inviting design.

4. Perfect your landing.

beautiful stairs

Photo Credit: HouseofTurquoise.com

If you’re lucky enough to have a landing as a part of your stairway, make it more interesting with some easy stairway décor.  For larger landings, a window seat or book case can help make your stairs cozier.  For smaller landings, decorate the wall with a photo, frame, or mirror collage.

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