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Flooring Tips & Tricks

Flooring Tips & Tricks


How to Remove a Charcoal Stain from Your Carpet


carpet-one-floor-home-roseville-chico-ca-flooring-tips-tricks-remove-charcoalOne very challenging problem that you don't want to have on your carpeting is to find charcoal stains all over it. This can happen if an accident or mishap occurs in your home causing the charcoal you are using for the grill to get spilled all over your carpeting. If you have a light-colored rug this can be really devastating, as it can cause dark stains which will ruin its appearance. Dealing with this problem can be very hard for any homeowner. Luckily, Chico Carpet One has a simple method to solve this cleaning issue easily and effectively. Here are the steps you can try to help you remove the charcoal stains on your carpet.




To clean charcoal from carpeted flooring, you need a few common household products. These include:



Method for Cleaning


  1. APPLY nail polish remover (non-oily type) with cotton swabs to the spill—don't wet through to carpet backing 
  2. PICK UP softened materials with clean, white paper towels 
  3. PUSH toward the center of the spill each time to avoid spreading the stain 
  4. REPEAT above steps to soften and carefully remove a layer of the spill each time—haste may spread the stain and/or damage the carpet


Do not use nail polish remover with acetone on acetate, triacetate, or acrylic fabrics. Nail polish remover will dissolve these fabrics.



If in doubt, Chico Carpet One suggests you contact a professional carpet cleaner to identify the fabric and appropriate stain removal method for your carpet.



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