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Flooring Tips & Tricks

Flooring Tips & Tricks


How to Remove Ice Cream Stains from Carpet Quickly & Easily cream can be a perfect complement to any meal, until it drizzles down your shirt and onto your carpeting. Even though ice cream may seem like a harmless stain, because it is protein based, it can be one of the most difficult dry stains to remove.



Cleaning Steps


  1. SCRAPE OR BLOT up excess spill
    • Remove as much of the stain as possible using a spoon or dull knife 
  2. APPLY a detergent solution via a damp towel
    • If you can still see any remains of the stain, rub detergent into the stained area and soak in room temperature water for 1/2 an hour
  3. BLOT don't rub 
    • Blot the stain gently every 3-5 minutes 
  4. APPLY white vinegar (undiluted) using a damp towel
    • Plain white vinegar is an amazing natural cleanser and as a natural deodorizing agent, it will also refresh carpets by removing stale odors
  5. BLOT (AGAIN) don't rub
  6. APPLY water with a damp sponge
  7. BLOT to finish with a weighted pad of paper towels.


Repeat the above soaking and stain remover steps until no ice cream is left in the carpet.

Note: Do not dry the ice cream stain until you are absolutely sure that the stained area is fully gone. It's better to allow the carpeting to air dry than to use a hair blow dryer on it. If the stained area still has a slight yellowish or brownish tinge, repeat the stain removal steps as many times as needed.Click here to view more Flooring Tips & Tricks >



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